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Still not sure if our services meet your needs? Our Portfolio highlights a variety of projects with diverse challenges requiring creative and innovative solutions. Your project is in good hands.

Geospatial Marsh Bird Habitat Analysis of Rainy Lake

Where did that wetland go? Changes in the water level management scheme has contributed to the loss and/or change of coastal marsh habitat on Rainy Lake

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Recreational Trail Development

Please don’t disturb the rattlesnakes. Obtain a Letter of Advice approval from the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry

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Axe Lake Vacant Land Condominium Recreational Development

Unique Atlantic Coastal Plain vegetation reserve. Gain draft approval of a unique recreational cottage development aimed at preserving and promoting significant vegetation communities

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Highway 69 and the Realignment of Blair Creek

Giving muskellunge a home in Blair Creek. Returning Blair Creek to its old channel and developing good quality spawning and nursery habitat for muskellunge

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Conservation Design Vacant Land Condominium Residential Development

Approval of the first Conservation Design Residential Development in Ontario. Gain draft approval of the first Conservation Design Residential Development in Ontario under the Planning Act

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Dokis First Nation Aggregate Permit

Balance aggregate development with wildlife habitat protection. Produce a Level 1 & 2 Natural Environment Report as part of an aggregate permit application

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Wildlife Overpass on Highway 69

Connecting wildlife habitats across a major four-lane highway. Assist in the design of the first wildlife overpass in Ontario

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Maley Drive Extension

Saving motorists more than 457,000 hours and an estimated 1.13 million litres in fuel each year. Obtain permits and approvals under the Endangered Species Act (2007) for the extension of Maley Drive from Barry Downe Road to Notre Dame Avenue

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Port Severn Heights Residential/Commercial Development

Balance development with protection of multiple threatened and endangered species. Obtain permits and approvals under the Endangered Species Act (2007) for a 375-unit residential/commercial development in Port Severn

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Bat Roost Research Project

Maintain reproductive habitat in forested landscapes for endangered bats. Conduct research and monitoring on the presence of maternity roosts in trees for Little Brown Myotis along the Highway 69 corridor

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Red Lake Advanced Exploration

To the bat cave! Little Brown Myotis and Northern Myotis Hibernation Habitat, Overall Benefit Permit

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Latchford Dam Replacement

Produce more walleye in the Montreal River. Fish Habitat Creation, Fisheries Act Authorization

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